ZANDA Care and Maintenance

ZANDA Care and Maintenance


The high polish of Brass products are often treated with a clear protective coating to provide durability. Brass, like sterling silver, will gradually tarnish and take on an antique appearance. Atmospheric conditions, caustic agents such as paints, or scratches from sharp objects may cause the protective coating to crack or peel causing spotting and discolorations.

However, the beauty of the metal can be maintained by taking a few simple steps. Initial care for brass requires only a quick rub with Wax Polish and light buffing with a soft cloth. You may prefer to do this weekly, especially in exterior, often used or damp environments. “Blue Magic” Metal Polish is a quick, effective way of restoring mildly tarnished brassware.

If heavy discoloration occurs the finish can be restored by stripping the remaining lacquer and polishing regularly with “Blue Magic”. Alternatively let it age naturally to an antique finish. The beauty of solid brass is that it can always be restored to its original lustre.

Stainless Steel

To aid the longevity and appearance of stainless steel products it must be cleaned regularly or use a metal polish such as “Blue Magic” which can be applied periodically. Atmospheric conditions, salt deposits, acids, caustic agents, cement or dust on construction sites all have the potential to cause discolouration to the surface. If this occurs do not be concerned as usually this is not the stainless steel itself but particles clinging to its surface. The product can be revived by following the above maintenance procedure and repeating regularly. This small amount of routine care can only preserve the elegance of stainless steel hardware. For further information on care & maintenance of stainless steel products please visit:


Many products are made from aluminium. Aluminium has a very high durability, a high strength to weight ratio and is light and corrosion resistant. Simple steps need to be carried out, despite the materials excellent properties, to maintain its appearance, avoid staining and the damage to the product.

Regular cleaning and maintenance to remove any build-up of dirt needs to be carried out in order to keep the surface looking pristine. Leaving it unmaintained for an extended period of time may cause staining which may require a harsher cleaning product that may in time damage and diminish the appearance of your décor. Light dirt should simply be removed using a sponge, lukewarm water and a neutral cleaning agent or you can use ‘blue magic’.

Zinc alloy

Many handles are made of zinc alloy (otherwise known as Zamac or Zinc diecast)) which is an ideal material for die casting and allows for very intricate designs. One advantage of Zinc Alloy is the ability to electroplate it allowing a multitude of finishes.

The care and maintenance of Zinc Alloy is similar to other materials requiring regular maintenance. It is recommended to clean handles and knobs with luke warm soapy water and a soft, clean cloth. Ideally best to be carried out at regular intervals. At least every two months but more often if near the coast or in a corrosive or dusty environment.

Avoid using household cleaners containing damaging chemicals and never use abrasive scouring pads. These chemical cleaning agents are NOT suitable as it may cause a reaction and will damage the finish of the handles.

Micronised finish

A Micronised finish is the highest quality of polishing or smoothing that can be carried out on the metal (or substrate material ) prior to the final surface coating being applied. It is a very specialised process and is only used as a methodology on the very best quality handles. A Micronised finish is a much longer polishing process as there are a number of different stages of the process using finer and finer grit grades.


The advantages are that the final product is beautifully finished, is much smoother and is far more corrosion resistant. With many handles, they corrode because of porosity (tiny holes in the surface of the material) that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In poor quality handles, porosity can sometimes even be seen! Porosity allows the moisture from the environment or our hands to enter and because of the inherent acid resident, the handles corrode. Micronisation prevents this from occurring. All Zanda handles that come with a lifetime warranty have a Micronised finish.