Structural and Workmanship Warranty

6 Year Structural and Workmanship Warranty

Under the Building Services (Complaint Resolution and Administration) Act 2011, our joinery comes with a 6 year structural and workmanship guarantee that cannot be extended under the Australian Consumer Law. Any items proposed to be defective due to general wear and tear are not considered to be defective, and therefore not liable for repair, replacement or refund.

Furthermore, any items not cared for or maintained under our Care and Maintenance conditions are not liable for repair, replacement or refund.

As such, all our joinery is warrantied under the following conditions:

  • Cockburn Joinery Myaree Timber Joinery Care and Maintenance Guide has been followed including all recommendations
  • Joinery was installed by a qualified carpenter
  • Joinery was painted by a qualified painter
  • All products used, including painting and staining meet Australian Standards
  • Three hinges must be used on doors up to 2340, and four hinges on doors over 2340mm. Hinges must also be aligned properly to prevent distortion.
  • Warranty claims are limited to replacement and repair only on the scope of works provided by Cockburn Joinery
  • No other external trades, not listed in the scope of works are covered without prior written consent by Cockburn Joinery
  • All care is taken when Cockburn Joinery staff deliver products to site. After delivery, the client is responsible for ensuring that timber products do not become water damaged, warped, twisted, cracked, excessively dirty and correct coatings are applied within 14 days from receiving the product
  • Any glass defects must be reported to Cockburn Joinery in writing within 3 days from date of glass being installed to begin the warranty claim process
  • No Warranty Claims accepted on any goods or services until the accounts are paid in full.

The following are not defects in workmanship or material and are not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty:

  • Timber is hygroscopic and naturally moves over time depending on the relative humidity of the surrounding air. Therefore, any movement of up to 8mm is considered acceptable
  • Panel misalignment or shrinkage is not considered a defect the performance or appearance of finishes applied is not covered
  • Defects caused by warp or bow of the frame or jamb in which the door or window is hung
  • The structural strength of a door must not be impaired. Avoid cutting a door to reduce width. Do not cut doors down in height by more than 10mm
  • Any door over 2400mm high or 1200mm wide is not covered for warp or twist
  • Natural variations in colour and texture of the door are allowed as per Australian Standards
  • All care in matching timber colour has been taken by the manufacturer however natural variations in colour before and after sealing cannot be predicted or prevented
  • Failure to properly seal the timber joinery (All edges must be immediately sealed after fitting and hanging)
  • Failure to use recommended finishing product and instructions will void warranty
  • Improper installation such that the door does not swing freely Damage caused by improper handling or on-site storage
  • Damage caused by attempts other than Cockburn Joinery Myaree to repair the joinery
  • Hardware and fixtures fitted to the joinery are not covered
  • Mortise locks/ironmongery must not be fitted to a rail joint and should only be fitted on a solid style. Mortise lock cavity should be kept to a minimum.